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Future Plans for Adkisson Cousin Gatherings

We Should Keep in Touch

Several people have said that we should have a get-together again in the not-too-distant future. It would be great to keep in touch, and we should not let too much time go by before seeing relatives again.

Possible Next Date - 2015

This is kind of like the Olympics: once every once-in-a-while is good. If it was every year, people would stop going to the Olympics (maybe).

So it seems like a good idea to set 2015 as the next date. But this is not set in stone, and we will discuss together going forward. If you have a great idea or strong opinion that is burning in your mind, feel free to contact Jim or Belinda or Todd or anybody else.

Different Season?

Jim mentioned that maybe a change of season next time will bring people who have a hard time attending functions in summer months. It would also provide variety. So we can think about that.

Different Organizers?

It may be a good thing to share opportunities to help organize and promote these gatherings in the future. If you are willing to help arrange the next event, please contact Todd or Jim or Belinda.

Input Welcome

Here is another way to contact the Adkisson cousins: if you have a Facebook account, you can post on the Adkisson Cuz page.

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